Sara Munce Studios About

I’m the girl behind the camera and the lead photographer of Sara Munce Studios.

I’m a wife and cat mom to my orange fur baby, Brody. I LOVE what I do! I’ve been pursuing my passion since graduating from CMU in 2008 and made the leap to a full time photography career in 2015.


I could live off a diet solely of tacos, pizza, and pasta…but carbs.

Happy Place

My happy place is on our boat in the middle of the lake on a sunshiny day.


My love for water and sunshine makes absolutely no sense since I’m a terrible swimmer and I burn in .001 seconds.

Joanna Gains

Joanna Gaines is my spirit animal.


I’m absolutely obsessed with traveling.  Every single detail from planning, the journey and the adventure make my heart happy.


I have a green thumb...or lack there of.  I’ve managed to keep an aloe plant alive for 7+ years.  Don’t ask about the others.


I cannot wait to capture some beautiful memories for you!  

On your wedding day, I’m the one choking back tears when you walk down the aisle, handing you a granola bar when you haven’t eaten all day, bustling your dress, and awkwardly dancing to “The Wobble” while loaded up with camera equipment and thriving on the stress and energy of the day.

During portrait sessions, we’ll relax, wander, and go on an adventure.  I’ll have you feel and look your absolute best during a maternity session, make a graduating senior’s personality shine, draw out real emotion (even if your feeling a bit awkward) during an engagement shoot and I’ll be giggling along with your kiddos all while creating beautiful and timeless artwork that you’ll cherish for years.