Rae | Richmond High School Senior Session

Drummajor. Musician. Actress. And now…..model. That’s right, Rae’s first image below (b&w closeup with her chello) was a finalist in this years shoot and share contest. This contest had over a million entries and about 40k in the senior category. Although we didn’t get the gold, I’m proud to have seen my images placed with so many other amazing artists.

Rae is seriously talented though. I can’t even remember all the instruments she named off that she mastered. She’s very active in the school’s drama club and so much more. Speaking of acting….can you believe that we were getting EATEN ALIVE during the shots down by the water and field area?!?! Not even a flinch…well maybe in between shots were were both swatting and dancing around like crazy people, but its all good! I know you are gonna do great things! Congrats on your upcoming graduation, class of 2019!